Thermal temperature screenings provide an easy to install and easy to use solution, adding an extra layer of protection for your employees and workplace, and preventing business shutdowns due to Covid-19 and other future challenges.

Thermal cameras can be installed in lobbies, hallways and other key access points to make sure that visitors are meeting your safety protocols without the need to dedicate a person at each entry point.

Built-in perks:

  • Proactive social distancing

Identify elevated body temperature of people entering your facility while maintaining safe social distance.

  • Precise temperature measurement

Thermal cameras’ sensors accurately evaluate a person’s temperature against a set threshold – such as 100.4° F, the CDC’s definition of a fever.

  • Face mask detection

Thermal cameras can detect if a person is wearing a face mask and can be configured to prevent access to those without a mask, or ignore masks altogether as required at the time

  • Fast, automated screening

In seconds, the system detects a face, finds the most reliable spot to measure and displays a pass/fail alert.

  • Tailored to your business needs

Seamless integration with your broader security and operational strategies.

  • Legal compliance

Strict adherence to standards and regulations that govern thermal camera use.


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Parkview Community Church

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