Activate a Security System with Sentry Security

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Active a reliable security system with Sentry Security

Do you have a security system already installed that is going unused because it isn´t activated? Are you afraid it can´t be used because it is too old or it was installed by another vendor? Let Sentry Security help you put it to good use. Sentry Security are the experts and make the best possible use of the resources available to keep your installation costs low. We can integrate your existing sensors with a new central station that will allow them to be monitored 24 hours a day by Sentry´s monitoring service.

Contact us at (847) 353-7200 or by email: sales@sentrysecurity.loc to schedule an appointment with one of our Security Consultants to discuss your needs.

Sentry Security seeks to delight customers by taking a personal approach to security. We focus on doing the job right, being fair and understanding and developing a strong relationship with our customers.

Better Protection

Your security alarm systems is only worth as much as the monitoring system your hardware is attached to. Sentry Security goes the extra mile to ensure that your system cannot be cut off from its 24 hour monitoring service. Sentry systems include crash & smash protection that allow an alarm to be sent even if an intruder disables it during the entry delay.

Moreover, security systems from Sentry Security remove the land line as a potential point of failure. There is no line to be cut because security systems from Sentry Security are 100% wireless. No land line is required for protection and Sentry can take your old land-line based solution and convert it to a wireless system that sends all alarm and trouble to our central station via cellular network.

Local & Reliable

Sentry is the Chicago security company that is local, available and personally invested in keeping your property safe. Sentry proudly delivers quality products and superior customer care. The opposite of “one size fits all” Sentry takes the time to get to know what you need from you security company and we build your security solution to fit those needs.

Accessible & Available

As one of Chicago´s largest independent security companies, we are proud to deliver quality products and superior customer care. Many home security monitoring companies treat their customers like a number. At Sentry Security, our friendly customer care representatives will answer the phone – not a machine.