Security Solutions for Multiple Locations

Improve Operational Efficiency- in addition to Asset Protection

Our customers ask for Sentry techs by name

Sentry Interactive Services make it easy for you to be connected to what matters. Monitor one or multiple locations. Wireless signaling to your monitoring station provides fast and secure communication, with no phone line required. Integrating technology provides more control over your business – anywhere, anytime and at the touch of a button thanks to advanced cellular and network communication. With it, you can receive message alerts for emergency and non-emergency events, arm and disarm y our system remotely, view live video and control lights, locks and thermostats.

Service features highlights include:

  • Check current status and arm or disarm your system
  • Control thermostats to reduce energy costs
  • Monitor in real time, including live video, with customized notifications for arming, disarming, alarms and trouble events
  • Create an integrated access control system with keycards/keyfobs
  • Monitor restricted or sensitive areas of your facility
  • Access event history, including video

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