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Burglar Alarms & Home Security Systems for Buffalo Grove

Are you living in Buffalo Grove and raising a family? We think it would be a good idea to check into getting a home security system.

In Buffalo Grove, the odds of becoming a victim of a crime is 1 in 123 residents.

Even though Buffalo Grove is a safe place to raise your family, crimes are still committed. There are necessary steps you can take in order to not become a victim. The first step is to let Sentry Security help protect you and your family. Here at Sentry Security, we have been providing Buffalo Grove homes and business with residential and commercial security. We are proud of the commitment we have made to the community of Buffalo Grove. We service the following ZIP codes in Buffalo Grove: 60069, 60004 and 60047.

Even though there are many companies that offer home and business security systems in Buffalo Grove, Sentry Security offers a full range of home security products for Buffalo Grove. We are available 24/7 to assist you in any way possible.

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Sentry Security is available to monitor home security systems in Buffalo Grove 24/7. We can alert you and the proper authorities should any type of emergency arise. All of our systems, including sump-pump alarms, low-temperature alarms, CO2 alarms and fire alarm systems Chicago, burglar alarms, perimeter monitors, surveillance cameras are installed and scrupulously maintained by only our professional technicians. We feel confident you will like our products and services.

Business Alarms & Commercial Security Systems in Buffalo Grove, IL

Do you own a business in Buffalo Grove? If you don’t have a security solution, have you ever thought about getting one? If so, you should check out Sentry Security’s business security solutions. We offer supervisory alarms, perimeter protection and many more solutions for your business. You can never be too safe.

Call Sentry Security now for details on how we can help protect your business.

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For over 25 years, Sentry Security has been proudly serving Buffalo Grove, Illinois. We have installed commercial security systems all over town. We provide perimeter monitoring, motion detection, surveillance cameras, locks and much more, all with 24/7 monitoring by our professional staff.

About Buffalo Grove, Illinois

Located in the northern suburbs of Chicago, Buffalo Grove resides in the Cook and Lake Counties of Illinois. The town was originally incorporated in 1958. There are many things to do in Buffalo Grove. During the summer, the village hosts two festivals: The Buffalo Grove Invitational Fine Arts Festival and The Buffalo Grove Days Festival. Some notable people from Buffalo Grove include funnyman Vince Vaughn, ex-Chicago Bulls player Dickey Simpkins, author Raymond Benson and more.

With a population of almost 42,000 residents in 2013, Buffalo Grove, Illinois is a fast growing village. The more the village expands their population, the more you should give serious consideration to protecting your home and business. Don’t worry – The professional team at Sentry Security will help protect you.

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At Sentry Security, installing commercial security systems and home security systems in Buffalo Grove are our top priority. Call today to discuss your security options.

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