Security Systems in Des Plaines, Illinois

Home Security Systems in Des Plaines, IL

The residents of Des Plaines are lucky that they live in a community that truly cares for the security of their residents. Unfortunately we live in a world crime is an issue no matter where you live.

The odds of becoming a victim of crime in Des Plaines is 1 out of every 70 residents.

Fortunately, Sentry Security is here to help keep the Des Plaines as safe as possible. We understand that the Des Plaines community has a unique set of needs, and at Sentry we want to do everything in our power to help cater to those needs. Let us outfit your home with CO2 detectors, motion detection monitors, low temperature monitors, sump-pump monitors, perimeter detection and much more. With our 24-monitoring centers at your disposal, you’re ensured the highest level of protection around. Be sure to check out all that Sentry Security can do for your home today.

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At Sentry Security, we believe that our services provide a higher sense of security, and want to ensure that the residents of Des Plaines are getting the utmost protection possible. This is why we have created security systems for both the home and the office. We want you to feel safe no matter where you are within the area.

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Sentry is one of the leading alarm detection providers, and we pride ourselves on our ability to keep you safe no matter what the circumstances may be. Our security experts are more than happy to provide you with a system that is designed with your needs in mind.

Des Plaines Commercial & Business Security Systems

Des Plaines is a serious hub for business. With more and more businesses calling Des Plaines home, it only makes sense that businesses owners do everything possible to ensure the protection of their establishments. Our security packages include everything from alarm detection and 24-hour monitoring to video surveillance, interior motion detection and so much more. Check out all that Sentry Security can do for your company today.

Sentry Security makes your safety our business.

Let us provide your office or storefront with our line of products such as alarm detection, 24-hour monitoring, video surveillance, interior motion detection and much more. Find out all that Sentry Security can do for your company today.

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About Des Plaines, Illinois

Roughly 17 miles northwest of Chicago’s downtown district, you’ll find the suburban transportation hub that is Des Plaines, Illinois. Originally incorporated in 1873, the population at the time was only about 818 residents. Now the community is packed with over 59,000 residents. Known by many as “The City of Destiny,” this community attracts many frequent travels to the area via the O’hare International Airport and the Chicago North Western Railroad.


Aside from its massive transit system the city of Des Plaines has also been featured in several award winning films such as The Breakfast Club and the television show “Criminal Minds”. Be sure to check out all that Des Plaines and Cook County has to offer for you and your family today. You won’t want to miss out on all the beautiful parks, fine dining and recreation to visit throughout the entire village.

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Des Plaines, Illinois Resources

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