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Elgin Home Security Systems & Alarm Systems

Sentry Security is committed to keeping your property and house in Elgin safe from threats. Elgin residents are provided with expansive options for both commercial and home security. Sump pump monitoring, fire alarms, CO2 monitoring as well as temperature monitoring are all available.

Elgin residents have more home security companies to choose from than just Sentry Security. We appreciate you taking time to view our security systems. If you would like to schedule a consultation or would like more information, please call today!

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The Elgin home security systems we install are among the best and up-to-date systems on the market. We are available 24/7 to monitor your system for changes and threats and will immediately alert you and the proper authorities in case of an emergency.

Commercial & Business Alarms in Elgin, IL

Elgin is home to many different types of business ranging from the mom-and-pop sector to the corporate enterprise sector. Sentry Security has a commercial security system for any type of business. If you are looking for alarm monitoring, such as fire alarms, CO2 alarms and low-temperature alarms, we can help. We also do perimeter and motion detection as well as offering video surveillance, all of which can be monitored 24/7! Be sure to inquire about our data protection and IP (remote) services.

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We have over 20 years of experience in installing Elgin commercial alarm and security systems. Do not hesitate to call for a consultation today!

About Elgin, Illinois

Originally known for the butter and dairy goods it sold to Chicagoans back in the 1860’s, the City of Elgin was first founded in 1835. Residing within Kane and Cook Counties, Elgin is home to one of the oldest coeducational schools in the country, Elgin Academy. Elgin Academy is also the former home to five navy admirals, a Tony Award winner, a General Motors CEO as well as a Nobel Peace Prize winner. Aside from is wide array of successful residents, Elgin ranks as one of the fastest growing cities in Illinois with a population of just over 108,000 residents.

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Elgin has seen huge increases in population and culture in recent years, and with that comes the risk of lowered residential and business security. It’s reported that your odds of becoming a victim of crime in Elgin is 1 out of every 52 residents. While Elgin does everything it can to protect its residents and businesses, there are still precautionary steps you can take to ensure you and your property’s safety.

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Elgin, IL business security and home security are our priorities, look to us at Sentry Security for any solution you need. We are here to help protect your loved ones and the things that matter most.

Elgin, Illinois Resources

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